Metal Fighter Miku
Country of Origin:  Japan
Production year: 1995
Director: Akiyuki Shinobu
Rating: Rating
UPC [Locale]: 631595-890174
Running time: 5:25 (325 Min.)
Casetype: Keep Case
Format: NTSC, [Color status unset], 1.33:1, Full Frame
DVD-Format: Single-Sided, Double-Layered
Released: July 17, 2001
Collection type: Owned (#173)
Status: Available
Purchase date: February 19, 2006
Purchase price: Hidden
Review (movie): 0 / 10
Review (video): 0 / 10
In the near future, the sports world is dominated by a new sport, Neo Wrestling. Metal Fighters challenge each other in the ring, their strength and endurance complimented by special armored suits. The stakes are high both in and out of the ring as the girls of the Pretty Four face off against the champions, Team Sapphire. The skills of the Pretty Four are stretched to the limit in this game where beauty, grace and style are just as important as strength or speed.

Miku is the Pretty Four's newest member, a big fan of the grand champion Metal Fighter, Aquamarine. Miku has dreams of fighting her way to the top of the wrestling world along with her teammates, Ginko, Sayaka and Nana. With a burnt out drunk named Eiichi Suo foa coach and all the determination she can muster, Miku prepares for all out war against Team Sapphire. But Miku's real enemies are outside of the ring and her real challenges can't be overcome with just a Body Slam or a Drop Kick. Only by protecting her friends, understanding her enemies and challenging her idol, can Miku understand Eiichi's purpose and the secret behind Neo Wrestling.
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Metal Fighter Miku
Metal Fighter Miku
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English  Dolby Digital 2-Channel Stereo
Japanese  Dolby Digital 2-Channel Stereo
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Akiyuki Shinobu....Director
Konami Yoshida....Miku
Michiko Naya....Ginko
Ai Orikasa....Sayaka
Mariko Onodera....Nana
Hiroshi Naka....Tokichiro Harajuku
Rin Mizuhara....Masayo Harajuku
Shinichiro Maki....Kinta Marukome
Kiyoyuki Harita....Eiichi Suo
Naoki Tatsuta....Kozo Shibano
Emi Shinohara....Kyoko Shibano
Masako Katsuki....Aquamarine
Junichi Sugawara....Kajiwara
Tetsuya Iwanago....Cameraman
Michelle Ruff
Richard Epcar
Georgette Rose
Doug Stone
Bob Buchholz
Ellyn Stern
Peter Doyle
Rosalinda Morales
Jessica Gee
Catherine Battistone
Jim Taggert
Ruben Arvizu
Alice Farinas
Anna Grinta
Robert Epstein
Johnny Molina