Bubblegum Crash: Total Crash Collection
Country of Origin:  Japan
Production year: 1991
Directors: Hiroshi Ishiodori, Hiroyuki Fukushima
Rating: Rating
UPC [Locale]: 737187-003509
Running time: 2:15 (135 Min.)
Casetype: Keep Case
Format: NTSC, [Color status unset], 1.33:1, Full Frame
DVD-Format: Single-Sided, Double-Layered
Released: December 04, 2001
Collection type: Owned (#430)
Status: Available
Purchase date: February 25, 2006
Purchase price: Hidden
Review (movie): 0 / 10
Review (video): 0 / 10
The Crisis in MegaTokyo is not over!
Now it's time for the Crash!

The Saga of the Knight Sabers continues in this exciting 3-part sequel to Bubblegum Crisis!

Episode 1 - Illegal Army
A gang of mercenaries in armored suits is giving the AD Police serious problems. Meanwhile, the Knight Sabers are... breaking up? And who is the mysterious "Voice" that seems to know altogether too much about them?

Episode 2 - Geo Climbers
A new AI is the key to human level intelligence for Boomers, and there are certain people who'll stop at nothing to use it for their own evil ends. When Priss finds the little lost boomer that embodies the new AI, she becomes a target for an automated hit-squad. Too bad she's not in her hardsuit!

Episode 3 - Meltdown
The mysterious "Voice" puts his terrible plan into action, and to save MegaTokyo, the Knight Sabers must once again face their deadliest foe -- and defeat him -- not once, but three and a half times!
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Bubblegum Crash: Total Crash Collection
Bubblegum Crash: Total Crash Collection
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Production Studios:
 • A.I.C.
 • Animeigo
Audio format
Japanese  Dolby Digital 2-Channel Stereo
English  Dolby Digital 2-Channel Stereo
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Hiroshi Ishiodori....Director
Hiroyuki Fukushima....Director
Yoshiko Sakakibara....Sylia Stingray
Ryôko Tachikawa....Priss Asagiri
Michie Tomizawa....Linna Yamazaki
Akiko Hiramatsu....Nene Romanova
Toshio Furukawa....Leon McNichol
Kenyu Horiuchi....Daley
Tomomichi Nishimura....Dr. Heinz
Hideyuki Umezu....Dr. Yuuri
Minami Takayama....Adama
Nozomu Sasaki....Mackie Stingray
Kazuyuki Sogabe....Largo
Tarô Arakawa....Colonel Lando (ep 1)
Akira Murayama....Chief (ep 1)
Kiyonobu Susuki....Manager (ep 1), D.J. Tommy (ep 3)
Kiyoyuki Yanada....Bogarde (ep 1)
Wataru Takagi....Detective (ep 2), Youth (ep 3)
Tatsuyuki Ishimori....Soldier (ep 2)
Sanae Miyuki....Street Kid (ep 2)
Nobuaki Sekine....Foreman (ep 3)
Norio Tsukui....Boomer (ep 3)
Tomoyuki Morikawa....AD Police Officer (ep 3)
Takako Kikuchi....Waitress Boomer (ep 3)
Ichirô Murakoshi....Plant Chief (ep 3)
Jemila Ericson....Sylia Stingray
Sinda Nichols....Priss Asagiri
Elizabeth Becka....Linna Yamazaki
Susan Grillo....Nene Romanova
Brad Moranz....Leon McNichol
Marshall Carroll....Daley
Frank Trimble....Mackie Stingray
Pierre Brulator....Largo
Basile....Foreman (ep 3)
Zaharoula Katsikis....Boomer (ep 3)
Noah Shane....AD Police Officer (ep 3)
Stan Norman....D.J. Tommy (ep 3)
Jenny Moranz....Waitress Boomer (ep 3)
Nicholas Michaels....Youth (ep 3)
Chuck Kinlaw....Plant Chief (ep 3)
Michael Sinterniklaas
Scott Simpson
Jack Bowden
Grenaldo Frazier
Matthew Alexander
Sophie Tolar
Amanda Tancredi