Lost: The Complete Collection
Country of Origin:  United States
Production year: 2010
Rating: Rating
UPC [Locale]: 8-717418-257040
Running time: 88:28 (5308 Min.)
Casetype: Slip Case
Format: PAL, [Color status unset], 1.78:1 Widescreen
DVD-Format: Single-Sided, Double-Layered
Released: September 13, 2010
Collection type: Owned (#2059)
Status: Available
Purchase date: November 30, 2010
Purchase price: Hidden
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Watch the entire epic story of Lost - the series that redefined television - from its phenomical opening scene to its magnificent final moment. Uncover the segrets of what caused Oceanic 815 to crash, what ultimately drew the passengers together, and revive their mindblowing journey as they battle to rewrite their own fate. Experience a landmark in the history of entertainment with Lost: The Complete Collection, featuring every episode of all six seasons. Television doesn't get better than this.

Season 1:

Get lost in the hottest season of the year, from J.J. Abrams, the creator of Alias, comes the action-packed adventure that becase a worldwide television event.

Stranded on an Island that holds many secrets, 48 people must band together if they hope to get home alive. Now you can experience the nonstop exitement and mystery of every episode, from the sho's stunning first minute to its spectacular finale, on a seven disc set.

Presented in a widescreen, theatrical format with 5.1 Surround Sound and bursting wthi more than five hours of bonus features - including unaired scenes from the original piot - Lost is a real find.

Season 2 - The Extended Experience:

4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42. Push the button, and prepare to be blown away by the groundbreaking series that has become a televesion event around the world. The acclaimed drame reaches new heights in its spectacular second season as the survivors of Oceanic Flight 815 discover that they are not alone in their battle against the Others, and a contestid decision to open the hatch reveals a new realm of mystery and intrigue.

Prepare yourself for the DVD experience of Season Two, complete with over 5 hours of original bonus material you can't see anywhere else - including unaired original flashbacks - and you'll discover for yourself why "everything happens for a reason."

Season 3 - The Unexplored Experience:

Find your fate. Find yourself.

Find the answers you've been lookign forin the explosive third season of the most gorgeous, audacious, expansive series on TV.

As the power of the island to both heal and destroy comes into sharp focus, the lines between good and evil are blurred and loyalties are challenged when the survivors of the crash become entangled within the lives of the Others.

Plan your escape, and immerse yourself in all 23 episoes of Season Three. Go deeper than ever before in this seven-disc DVD box set, complete with hours of never-before-seen bonus features, including secrets from the world of the Others, behind-the-scenes featurettes, unprecedented access to the Lost writers' room, and so much more.

Season 4 - The Expanded Experience:

Immerse yourself in the boldest show on television with every mysterious twist and turn of LOST's addictive Fourth Season. Exploding with exitement and never-before-seen extras, LOST reaches new heights on DVD.

More than three months after their fateful crash, the survivors of Oceanic Flight 815 will discover that the only thing more dangerous than the island might be the people who have come to rescue them.

Dive deep into this captivating 6-disc DVD box set, complete with original flashbacks, mind-bending flash-forwards and an astonishing world of exclusive bonus features. Experience one of the most groundbreaking shows in history, and discover how much better television can be on DVD.

Season 5 - The Journey Back - Extended Edition:

The epic story of LOST twists, turns and time-shifts in its outstanding fifth season. Packed with bonus material, including a revealing interview with the cast and an exclusive behind-the-scenes feature, LOST is better than ever on DVD.

When destiny calls, the Oceanic 6 find their way back to the island. Discover what forced them to return, and find out the fate of all those who were left behind.

The answers to some of LOST's most pressing questions are revealed in this spectacular 5-disc collection, complete with deleted scenes and an incredible vault of exclusive bonus features. The show that revolutionised primetime proves once again why it is television's most addictive and creative series.

Season 6 - The Final Season:

It all comes down to this. Television's most innovative and compelling series comes to a stunning conclusion and ABD's LOST: The Complete Sixth And Final Season. The critically acclaimed epic drama will finally reveal the fate of the Oceanic 815 survivors and all who have joined their journey, and will uncover even more secrets with never-before-seen content available only on DVD!

In the aftermath of a monumental explosion, reality shifts for everyone associated with the mystical island. Discover their ultimate destiny on DVD, complete with exiting bonus features and a fascinating recap to catch you up on everything you need to know about the celebrated series. Complete your LOST collection with this spectacular 5-disc set, and experience the final 17 episodes of a landmark in television history.
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Lost: The Complete Collection
Lost: The Complete Collection
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1Lost - Season 1 - Disc 1
2Lost - Season 1 - Disc 2
3Lost - Season 1 - Disc 3
4Lost - Season 1 - Disc 4
5Lost - Season 1 - Disc 5
6Lost - Season 1 - Disc 6
7Lost - Season 1 - Disc 7
8Lost - Season 2 - Disc 1
9Lost - Season 2 - Disc 2
10Lost - Season 2 - Disc 3
11Lost - Season 2 - Disc 4
12Lost - Season 2 - Disc 5
13Lost - Season 2 - Disc 6
14Lost - Season 2 - Disc 7
15Lost - Season 3 - Disc 1
16Lost - Season 3 - Disc 2
17Lost - Season 3 - Disc 3
18Lost - Season 3 - Disc 4
19Lost - Season 3 - Disc 5
20Lost - Season 3 - Disc 6
21Lost - Season 3 - Disc 7
22Lost - Season 4 - Disc 1
23Lost - Season 4 - Disc 2
24Lost - Season 4 - Disc 3
25Lost - Season 4 - Disc 4
26Lost - Season 4 - Disc 5
27Lost - Season 4 - Disc 6
28Lost - Season 5 - Disc 1
29Lost - Season 5 - Disc 2
30Lost - Season 5 - Disc 3
31Lost - Season 5 - Disc 4
32Lost - Season 5 - Disc 5
33Lost - Season 6 - Disc 1
34Lost - Season 6 - Disc 2
35Lost - Season 6 - Disc 3
36Lost - Season 6 - Disc 4
37Lost - Season 6 - Disc 5
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